Get Rewarded. With Cash and Items

OnePulse gives you the opportunity to earn money and rewards through a fun and easy app on your Smartphone. Simply spend 30 seconds giving your opinion on a subject you're interested in, and get rewarded directly and securely via PayPal™. It is as simple and transparent as that. Organisations already know how valuable your opinion is - it's time for you to find out too.

Be Heard. Say What You Really Think

Have you ever thought the food or service at a restaurant was poor, but didn’t say anything? Have you ever bought something new and thought it was good, but it could have been better? We've all had moments in life when saying what we really thought wasn’t as easy as we would like. OnePulse changes this by providing access to a safe and secure environment where businesses want to listen to you, and will thank you for it.

Be an Influencer. Part of Something Big

OnePulse gives you the opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Our mission is to empower you to change your world for the better by ensuring that products and services relevant to your life, are the best they can be. It's a big task, but we want you to be part of OnePulse to influence the future of the businesses you support.

Be Entertained. Enjoy Little Moments in Life

OnePulse is designed to be quick and easy to use because your time is precious and shouldn't be wasted. It turns the spare moments on your Smartphone into an experience that is rich, rewarding, simple and fun. Your morning commute on the bus or train, waiting for a TV commercial break to end, or for a friend who's running late can now be time well spent. It’s time to Start Pulsing.