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Explore your business’ questions via our intuitive online WYSIWYG interface. Create your own consumer community or access our established user base, each fully segmentable by demographic. Build your questions & answers, add introductory & final messages & drive user-focus to multimedia content with embedded URL links. When you’re happy with a Pulse, publish it real-time or schedule it for an exact date & time. You control the content.

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Consumers engage with Pulses via a mobile application designed to tap into smartphone-user habits; users can snack on Pulses throughout the day. Users respond to Pulses instantly; monetary rewards, points & exclusive Pulses are part & parcel of our gamified system, meaning users keep coming back for more. OnePulse creates a new way of collecting insight, challenging the ineffectiveness of traditional market research in a digital world.

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Watch your results populate in real-time on the client dashboard, stop or extend your campaign at the push of a button & export results in .csv format for more in-depth analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of consumers by re-accessing specific respondents to answer not just the What, but the How, Why & Why Not. Create ongoing conversations with consumers to produce real-time insights that will drive your business forward.



Explore, test & validate every step of the way with our international consumer base or your own community.  


Understand consumers with confidence by gathering honest, genuine answers that anyone can interpret. 


Communicate with both consumers & colleagues to ensure your products, services & content are the best they can be. 


Gain access to a previously untapped captive audience & gather data that gives your business a competitive advantage.  


Build loyal relationships with your customers by speaking with them as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like. 


Enrich data across your business by harnessing deeper insights from your current user base & social networks. 


Deploy our intuitive web-based platform across your business instantly & gain rapid access to thousands of customer opinions.  


Save time & money by gathering results in seconds & minutes not days & weeks, while controlling your spend in real-time. 


Cut through the clutter, engage consumers directly & get real results in a fresh & exciting way. 


Increase your business’ profile with a communication channel that can drive traffic & improve consumer awareness. 


Empower your business to make confident data-driven decisions quickly, reducing the potential for expensive mistakes. 


Show consumers how much their opinion matters by rewarding them directly & transparently. 

  • We partner with OnePulse to deliver effective Voice of the Customer programmes for our clients because their approach is innovative and refreshing but ultimately they deliver better results than traditional approaches. It's also quick and simple to deploy meaning we can get things up and running in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

  • OnePulse is a cost-effective solution with a very impressive speed of response. It has changed our live business events forever.

  • Speed and quality of response is great. Not only has OnePulse replaced our existing e-surveys but we are gaining new users through the tool.


How big is the OnePulse community?

There are thousands of people from across the UK that make up the OnePulse community & more are joining daily. These are people from all walks of life, not simply those that would normally take part in traditional forms of market research. Give your business access to a previously untapped market of consumers, producing new & exciting insights.

How valid is OnePulse data?

OnePulse data is equally as valid as traditional market research data & the two can be used to compliment one another. OnePulse builds on the principles of traditional market research, but puts consumers at the heart of the experience, enhancing data with a highly engaged & dedicated community. Quality is of the highest importance at OnePulse & the system is built to safeguard & assure quality throughout.

How quickly does OnePulse get results?

Response times vary, but you will get your first answers within seconds of publishing your Pulse! We regularly see paid Pulses achieving 100% response rates in under an hour & our goal is to enable you to get full results in under 7 minutes.

Do I need to be a market research expert to use OnePulse?

Definitely not! Creating a Pulse can be as easy as sending a tweet or posting on Facebook. If you want consumer opinion, OnePulse is for you; the platform combines insights with the reach, accessibility & frequency of social media. Put simply, it’s a tool that everyone can use.